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Liz was great helping me re-balance my life to feel more positive by challenging my beliefs, suggesting practical ways that I could adjust and encouraging me to think through new ways of viewing things more positively or how to approach situations differently.


We set some clear objectives at the start of the sessions which helped keep focus, but Liz was able to adjust and be flexible to accommodate new issues that arose, and she often found links back to the original objectives. She was calm and positive, giving me space to think for myself but helping me in the right direction with clever questions. She helped me relax and overall it was a very enjoyable experience. I have learnt a lot and made positive changes in my life as a result of the sessions with Liz.

                                                                     Josie, December 2012


The aim was for me to feel confident about attending networking sessions.


In fact, I haven't been to a specific 'networking group' as I have other things to do with my marketing before I am ready, if indeed I decide this is the best activity to be doing. However, I have been to quite a number of events - CIPD workshops, training sessions, reunions - that would previously have filled me with horror and apprehension. I would typically see myself standing around on my own, feeling and looking uncomfortable and not talking to anyone, which is exactly what happened.


Now, I find I am in conversation with someone almost immediately, and I actually look forward to who I'm going to meet this time. And of course, I am doing some useful networking! It's like magic.

                                                                        Margaret, July 2012

Orsus and Liz Jones come highly recommended for coaching and hypnotherapy. I found the whole experience very relaxing, enjoyable and uplifting.


Liz helped me feel at ease which was great for exploring the benefits that coaching and hypnotherapy could offer me. Through a series of sessions, over the phone, by email and in person, Liz managed very naturally to help me identify and get clarity on what I wanted to achieve. Discussing some of the reasons behind my feelings was also a very useful experience, which added depth to the sessions and continues to help me on a daily basis.


If you're considering coaching or hypnotherapy, I can thoroughly recommend Liz. Throughout the process, her approach helped me feel comfortable and confident so I could achieve my goals.

Annabel, May 2012