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Stop Smoking

The programme uses hypnotherapy and practical techniques to help you overcome your own personal barriers to becoming a non-smoker – and staying that way.


The first step is to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. This usually lasts 30 minutes and can be in person or by telephone. This is a great opportunity for you to find out more about the programme.

The Orsus smoking cessation programme is based on hugely successful methods which have already helped thousands of people to give up smoking for good.


The hypnotherapy session itself lasts 90 minutes and will focus on the particular issues and motivations you have identified. Prior to the session you will complete a questionnaire which asks about things such as why you began smoking, what you find particularly difficult about giving up and what motivates you to give up, as well as what activities you enjoy and what is important to you.



So, if you are committed to life as a non-smoker, contact us to find out more.

How does it work?



 Before you attend your 90-minute

 ‘stop smokinghypnotherapy session

 you will need to complete some

 preparation. This ensures you are

 completely ready to begin your life as

 a non smoker.


 When you book your session you will

 be given:


  • A smokers log – to record each cigarette you smoked in the days leading to the session

  • A questionnaire – exploring your reasons for smoking and why you are stopping

  • An audio – to give you an opportunity to experience and practice hypnosis, and to gain an understanding of what we’ll do in the session together

"hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking”


New Scientist magazine,

October 1992

You can be smoke free in just a few weeks

by following the Orsus smoking cessation programme!




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