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Orsus Coaching

How it works


The first step in the coaching journey is a free, no obligation consultation lasting around 30 minutes.


Further 1-to-1 sessions usually last 1 hour. During sessions goals are set then discussions and activities are undertaken to reach these goals.


It is common to have around 5 sessions and then take a break to allow time for the changes to take affect and to re-evaluate objectives.


Client confidentiality is extremely important so anything said within the session remains  private.

Sweden v2 Orsus coaching

You can free yourself from fears and limiting beliefs

to be more confident in yourself and feel great!

Developing a healthier mind


Just like the physical body, our mind can be developed and improved.


By undertaking suitable activities and exercises we can enhance our abilities, skills and positive feelings to allow ourselves to be happier, mentally stronger and more robust. Sometimes the result of a change can be sensed immediately. At other times the positive impact increases over time and is only really noticed when we look back.


With persistence you can achieve your objectives.