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The British Institute of Hypnotherapy


BIH is an independent, non-profit making association committed to the highest standards of ethical practice and professional competence.


Liz Jones has committed to the Code of Practice which sets out the minimum standards expected of all members.

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...can be known as being in a trance a state of complete relaxation within the physical body and heightened awareness within the mind an extremely natural state which we all experience each day a state of mind which your unconscious mind is most likely to help you understand the root cause of your problem and enable you to create the changes which are right for you biologically similar to the transition between sleeping and waking and to the dream state a highly receptive state in which your extremely creative and suggestible unconscious mind comes to the forefront while your more critical, judgmental conscious mind takes a back seat found by many people to be very energizing and enlightening

...occurs naturally in everyday life. It can be experienced when engrossed in a hobby, reading a book, or watching tv

The ‘conscious’ mind and the ‘unconscious’ mind...

During learning something that initially requires conscious, focused concentration eventually becomes unconscious and automatic...

The conscious mind is:

- logical, linear, analytical, cognitive and focused

- it seeks to understand and ‘thinks’ about possible solutions.

- it can only process about 7 pieces of data at any one time.

- it can be critical and ‘parental’.


The unconscious mind is:

creative, intuitive and extremely powerful

- it has unlimited capacity, retains memories and expedites outcomes

- it processes data simultaneously and automatically

- but it can be stubborn and childlike