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Businesses rely on the performance of their employees to ensure customer demand is satisfied and the business thrives. But employing people is rarely simple and ensuring staff are motivated to perform at their best can be a real challenge. Add to that the sheer volume, complexity and changeability of employment legislation, and employing people can become daunting and time consuming.


Orsus People Management has the expertise to help. We provide support specifically tailored to the individual needs of your business. We ensure you have all the documents you need to comply with employment legislation without being overburdened with unnecessary paperwork. We also make sure you understand how and when to use them. In addition, we can work with you to deal effectively with any specific challenges you may be facing or to minimise the likelihood of such challenges arising.


Orsus prides itself on providing advice and documentation that is clear and meets your needs without being overwhelming. The collaborative and coaching style of advising facilitates managers’ learning and allows businesses to make their own decisions based on a clear understanding of risks and consequences. Managers (and business owners) will gain an understanding which enables them to ‘fly solo’ next time.


Our services fall broadly into the following categories:

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


The CIPD is the largest professional body in Europe for human resources and development.


They pride themselves on supporting and developing those responsible for the management and development of people within organisations.


Liz Jones is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and has committed to their code of professional conduct which sets out the professional behaviour standards  expected of a member.

  • best practice and employment law compliance – providing both documentation and advice for following suitable process,

  • mediation and conflict resolution,

  • management development – helping managers to improve how they work and communicate with employees and thus reducing the number of issues arising

Mediation & Conflict Resolution


Workplace conflict can be extremely damaging to any business. The number of employee grievances and tribunal claims has increased dramatically in recent years and the strain on management can be immense.


Orsus can help you to resolve conflict and save cost in disputes such as:


  • personality conflicts

  • bullying and harassment claims

  • absence, including stress

  • discrimination claims

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