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Coaching... not counselling


Counselling aims to help a person understand the root cause of any issues they have and can be used to address psycho-social issues as well as career. Therefore, a counsellor must be suitably qualified. Coaching assumes a person is psychologically well. not mentoring


A mentor is usually someone more qualified or experienced than the person they are mentoring and therefore able to pass on their knowledge and experience. In contrast, a coach does not need to be specifically skilled in the area being discussed.

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How coaching works


During confidential 1-to-1 sessions key skills and talents are identified and nurtured. Specific goals and objectives are established and plans are developed for achieving these, including how potential difficulties will be overcome.


A facilitative, non-directive approach is used asking questions to challenge a person’s self-imposed boundaries and help them to see things from different perspectives. This encourages the individual to think differently and therefore opens up possibilities they were previously unaware of. This enables them to find a way forward that is uniquely suited to them.


It is not the role of a coach to provide answers or solutions; we each hold our own solutions we just need help to find them sometimes.

"whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right”


Henry Ford,

founder of the Ford Motor Company